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Hey! I’m Andrea and I’m here because I want moms to know that they are not alone in this journey although some days it sure feels like it!

I am a seasoned mom, a wife, chief family planner, household organizer, and everything in between. My life is busy, just as yours is. My life is a melting pot of experiences, emotions and responsibilities as well as love, happiness and a touch of comedy.

I’m not perfect, nor do I portray that. I just want to be happy.

On my blog I won’t hide behind a logo. I’m as real as it gets. I write as it comes to me, no “artificial polishing”.

I am not about conveying that life is perfect, ‘cuz I know mine isnt! I have kids, we have toys, we’re busy, we have a dog and so on. We live and our life and home show it!

5 info bits about ME:

  1. I sometimes eat in my closet. So I don’t have to share.
  2. The back seat of my car much resembles a happened frat party.
  3. My phone has 77 selfies. Of my kids. Because they know how.
  4. I am in love with Florida.
  5. My coffee usually needs reheating three times before I finish it. Because I often “forget” about it.

I’m a mom to three children (read about what we’re up to click here) and loving wife to my oh-so-handy hubby. I provide home daycare as a means to be able to stay home with my children during the most important time of their childhood. Providing daycare does not MAKE me money but I do love it! It is so rewarding.

I am getting on board with meal planning. I  almost have my family’s budget on track. We have paid off three credit cards in two years. While on maternity leave.

I am on a mission to find my next calling in life before my two youngest are in school full time.

I will be posting about whatever strikes me whenever it strikes me. My posts will be on the Blog Posts page as well as linked to appropriate menu header. I will post photos of what we’re up to, where we’ve been and everything else!

I am proud of my life, my family and my home. I am happy with where I’ve come from. I’m on a journey right now to write the next chapter in my life.

Even if no one at all reads this, at least I’ll have a great story to look back on! So join me on this blogging journey. It is a joy of trial and error as I learn what I’m doing!




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